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Structure of the Dog

Basic Course

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Structure of the Dog - Basic Course is a book for everyone interested in the structure and wellbeing of dogs. The book has 300 A4-sized pages. It includes 98 exercises and numerous illustrative photos and drawings, which guide you to understand the details of dog structure in a very practical way. You will not just passively read, you will actively learn - by seeing, doing, practicing, and realizing yourself. The ambitious aim of the book is to provide you with tools that will help you distinguish essential from nonessential, see all the details of the dog structure and understand the resulting whole. By reading the book and doing all the exercises, you will become an expert of dog structure and movement. You will understand the connection between structure and movement, you will be able to recognize the risk factors in the skeletal system and joints of a dog, you will distinguish normal from abnormal structure in different structural-functional breed types, and much more. The basis of the book is in natural sciences and ethics. The book encourages the reader to ethical dog ownership, breeding and dog sports. The main focus is on healthy structure, movement and overall wellbeing of the dog. Structure of the Dog - Basic Course is the right book for you, if: - you want to own and breed dogs with a healthy structure - for you, healthy structure is an ethically important criterion when selecting a breed or an individual dog - you are interested in dog shows - you are planning a career as a dog show judge - you want to develop your eye for the dog structure, both in details and as a whole - you want to understand what kinds of structure and movement are the most suitable for different dog sports - you want to learn to distinguish essential from nonessential, normal from abnormal, healthy from unhealthy as regards the structure of the dog - you want to recognize the anatomical risks of dogs and understand how they impact the dog's life - you want to deepen your knowledge of the structural-functional types of dogs as well as your understanding of their impact on the dog movement - you prefer learning by observing, doing and practicing rather than just reading - both physical and psychical wellbeing of dogs are important for you

  • Kirjoittaja: Mujunen Salme
  • Kääntäjä: Vesterinen, Pirkko
  • Kustantaja: Books on Demand
  • Kansityyppi: nidottu
  • Vuosi: 2017
  • Sivuja: 298
  • Kieli: englanti
  • ISBN: 9789523395688
  • Arvioitu ilmestymispvm.: 1. tammikuuta 2017
  • Kirjastoluokka: 67451
  • Kohderyhmä: Adult
  • Alanimike2: 8423541
  • Kuvitus: Kuvitus, mustavalkoinen
  • Asiasana: tietokirjallisuus, koira, anatomia, Koirat