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Practical Shop Math

Simple Solutions to Workshop Fractions, Formulas + Geometric Shapes

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By it's very nature, woodworking requires a basic understanding of math. Various numbers, in the form of thickness, width, and length dimensions, are used to describe the physical size of a a woodworking project and its component parts. Inevitably, these dimensions -written as whole numbers, fractions, and decimals - must be added, subtracted, multiplied, and divided in order to cut and assemble the project. Although math is an essential part of woodworking, a surprising number of crafters feel intimidated when working with decimals, fractions, geometry, and formula. Fear not workshop math is not something to be scared of or avoided, Woodworking involves a lot of math and you'll be at a disadvantage in the workshop if you don't know or can't remember how to do basic calculations. Even if you do know how to work with fractions, decimals, and geometric shapes, this tremendously handy and comprehensive guide from a Tom Begnal, a life-long woodworker and former editor at Fine Woodworking, Woodworker's Journal, and ShopNotes, will increase your capabilities in the workshop many times over. With Practical Shop Math, you'll discover simple, but non-condesending approaches for everything from adding fractions and decimals to laying out ellipses, octagons, and other shapes that will expand your design repertoire. In addition, Practical Shop Math focuses on the things that you think should be simple, but can drive you nuts: tasks such as enlarging grid patterns, determining miter angles for polygons, dividing angles and arcs, calculating board feet and the amount of finishes you need to complete a project, and so on. Included is a very useful trick for converting a furniture photo from a magazine or catalog into a dimensional drawing that you can use for building your next project. Practical Shop Math covers it all from the basic to the advanced. In the end, if you sum up the benefits of this resourceful reference, it makes for a great addition to any workshop.

  • Kirjoittaja: Begnal Tom
  • Kustantaja: Spring House Press
  • Kansityyppi: nidottu
  • Vuosi: 2018
  • Kieli: englanti
  • ISBN: 9781940611631
  • Arvioitu ilmestymispvm.: 1. syyskuuta 2018
  • Formaatin lisätiedot: Liimasidos
  • Kirjastoluokka: CR
  • Kohderyhmä: Adult
  • Asiasana: CRAFTS & HOBBIES